"Shipping provides us with the arteries
for economic development,
trade is the blood,
production is the heart
and finance is the catalyst."

Dr. Costas Theo. Grammenos - Chairman
Dept. of Shipping, Trade & Finance

The City University, Cass Business School, London
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ShipShares LLC is a comprehensive conduit for maritime development, education, networking and support of not-for-profits inspiring tomorrow's marine industry leaders. Our Vision is to lead impact investing in the marine shipping space. We do this by leading or joining design of seaborne transport initiatives that have strong social and environmental merit in addition to positive traditional financial metrics, and by research, design and identification of potential "game-changer" technologies that can span multiple shipping sectors. Our emphasis in all endeavors is to advance local or regional social benefit projects or disruptive technologies with world-class expertise and world-wide capital to maximize the impact of invested human and financial resources.
ShipShares.Com is where Transformation through Transportation and Green Revolutions in the Making intersect innovative capital formation. ShipShares.Com underpins all else and so occupies the southern ("base") point of our compass.

ShipShares.Edu occupies the oriental point of our compass because the dawn of all worthwhile endeavour starts with new knowledge and insight.

ShipShares.Net occupies the northern point of our compass. Build-out the team. Partner for success. Reach for the stars. SIC PARVIS MAGNA!

ShipShares.Org occupies the occidental point of our compass. If your not-for-profit hears a higher calling, buid a tall(er) ship!