"One Ocean World"
R. Buckminster Fuller

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"For whosoever commands the sea
commands the trade; whosoever
commands the trade of the world
commands the riches of the world,
and consequently the world itself.”

Sir Walter Raleigh (1552 - 1618)
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It required "Bucky" Fuller's daring mind to graphically translate Raleigh's immortal words. Fuller has Pangaea separated into lands, all linked by one common, indivisible ocean. Adopters of Raleigh's and Fuller's insights have throughout history been rewarded immeasurably. It is not coincidence that nations having the largest trade surpluses also are leaders in marine shipping. Nor is it accidental that corporations and communities attain competitive advantage through direct involvement in their marine shipping needs. And of course the wealth of seaport city states like Venice, Singapore and others is built upon marine shipping.

In spite of profound importance, marine shipping is for many an arcane, complex, remote, mysterious and intimidating industry. Why not? "Marine shipping" is the umbrella that covers 100,000 ships of every description, operated in distinctly different sectors and trades by entities ranging from one-ship owner-masters to globe-girdling, publicly traded multi-nationals.

ShipShares.edu is the educational arm of TransTech / ShipSahres LLC. Courses of instruction are offered in all areas of marine project strategic planning, optimum technical ship design, cost estimation, marine transport economics, finance and operation.

All TransTech / ShipShares LLC materials can be taught as seminars, in-house workshops or integrated into larger conference programs and broader university curricula as short courses.

Managers, executives and enrepreneurs with expert knowledge are required for any country, company or community to achieve its rightful, essential proactive participation in marine shipping. Communication is invited to design a marine shipping instruction program specific to your project's unique requirements.

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