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Crowdfunding for Maritime!!!
"All these vessels were paid for by issuing ten cent shares to the children of America. The money came from all directions ... all the states of the Union, also from Turkey, Syria, China and Hawaii, in such abundance that notice was given that no more was needed. All that was not required to building the vessel was put aside for sailing it and for repairs."
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Over the years "proxy" shares have been used successfully to solicit donations for the construction, acquisition and operation of a varity of vessels for social, religeous and environmental missions. The internet extends the reach of such campaigns. A tale of two ships compares two not-for-profit ship funding campaigns. SV Tenacious utilized traditional pre-internet methods; Rainbow Warrior III relied almost exclusively on the internet. The projects of course differ, nevertheless,
the internet-based campaign raised four times as much money in about one third the time of the conventional campaign.

ShipShares.Org acts as conduit to the global internet community for not-for-profit organizations operating in the marine space. This could entail the building or reconstruction of a tall ship, the preservation of an historic ship, or possibly bringing forth some entirely new concept under a number of legal structures now available to not-for-profit organizations.

Two commonly used US not-for-profit structures are 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) corporations. More recently some newer legal forms have been added where distinctions between for-profit and not-for-profit activities are less rigid. These include benefit corporation, L3C company, and social enterprise venture.

ShipShares.Org does not advocate or endorse any particular legal structure, since laws change over time and between jurisdictions. The ShipShares.Org platform is available to not-for-profit maritime organizations: i) where legality of the campaign is fully documented in the target domicile and ii) at the sole discretion of TransTech Marine Co. / ShipShares LLC.

Inquiries regarding use of the ShipShares.Org platform may be directed to geoff-nyc@shipshares.com. Thank you.