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"Early ships were built on shares. Some
men of the community supplied money for
wood, metal, and rope. Others contributed
their time and skill. Merchants supplied
provisions for the voyage. Each took
shares entitling him to participate in the
profits in proportion to his contribution."

Merchant Marine for Trade and Defense
US Maritime Commission, 1946
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ShipShare.Com is the go-to site for impact inventors and investors in the maritime space, where transformative transport projects or disruptive marine technologies and progressive capital providers find each other. This is accomplished in three ways:

1. We review external / develop internal projects and technologies first as engineers where fundamental principles and quantitative methods seek built-in, rather than bolt-on, solutions that create real value. Our value metrics include environmental and social benefits, as well as conventional financial metrics.

2. We assist / organize creation of investment grade documentation of game changer projects and technologies. For early stage endeavors we advocate consideration of a share offering via one of several available vehicles as it can provide certain advantages over a more traditional business plan:
i. The "distance" between a business plan and prospectus or offering circular has shrunk but the difference between the documents remains vast. A business plan is supplicative and weak, presented to capital providers in the hope of opening discussion of funding terms and conditions. A prospectus or offering circular is pro-active and empowering, provided to eligible potential investors with terms spelled out by the offeror.

ii. A prospectus imposes discipline by unambiguously describing the enterprise and the team that will execute. The enterprise must have corporate form of sufficient depth and talent to keep records and provide accountability via regular reports. "OPM" (Other Peoples' Money) is never, never, never the mechanism to capitalize a vague iniative operated in casual manner that is more about personal life-style than corpus stewardship.

iii. Market interest may develop in shares of an enterprise capitalized with private or limited public equity, providing liquidity to early investors and ensuring continuity of management when shares trade hands. By comparison, a lone or few large investor(s) in an enterprise will look to an IPO (initial public offering) or buy-out for liquidity; invested capital is illiquid until the IPO and management continuity is not assured under a buy-out.
3. Via the ShipShares Projects Portal, information on emerging green technologies and transformative shipping projects is disseminated to capital providers - primarily equity investors including venture capitalists, investment bankers, funding portals, private equity groups, angel investors and others. Working relationships are also maintained with providers of other components of the capital structure, including credit enhancement programs.

The goal of ShipShares.Com in all assignments is to accelerate progress, be it environmental, technical, social...all three perhaps! Strong projects, strong teams, strong balance sheets produce results and returns, starting with a better world for all.