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Webb students seek sea-going cadet / observer billets

Webb Institute is the only institution of higher education in the US where the sole focus is Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering. To learn more about this famous, unique college please click here.

All Webb students (Webbies) are required to complete a two-month cadet / observer work term at sea, a very rewarding experience for both student and shipowner. Billets are needed aboard ship for students who were unable to sail last year due to the pandemic. US and non-US flag shipowners, all ship types, all trade routes including deep sea, coastal, inland, are eligible. To learn more about the Webb at-sea work term, please click here.

Or, please contact Ms. Jocelyn Wilson, Director of Academic Services, for details: / 516-671-2215. Thank you!

This notice appears as a complimentary service to Webb Institute specifically and to the world marine shipping and shipbuilding community generally and does not obligate TransTech / ShipShares LLC in any way.