"More and more the world will belong to those who believe in innovation, who are not only able to adapt themselves to new things, but are able to influence the orientation of progress ... If you are content to imitate your competitors, you always get in too late. Go all out, find new ideas for yourselves, develop them, realize them, and you will see what a kick you get out of living."

Michael Tusiani - Chairman Emeritus, Poten & Partners, Inc.

Welcome to TransTech Marine Co.

Green Revolutions in the Making

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The green revolution has arrived for the marine shipping industry. Long the "out of sight" industry, this is no longer the case as marine shipping's part in environmental degredation now appears in mainstream publications. Ships may be small in number compared to millions of road vehicles and less conspicuous than aircrafts, but they are large and so is their environmental impact.

TransTech's Green Marine Technology chart reveals where green innovations are taking place. We assist investors and innovators identify / move from wild card, through critical uncertainty to predetermined trend. Returns, both environmental and financial, are greatest of course to early entrants. In the capital structure, this is often risk-seeking equity. While the marine shipping industry often is described as evolutionary, there have been times when change occurred rapidly. As can be seen in TransTech's Innovation Penetration chart, highest returns occur to the left of the inflection point. This is one half of the ship replacement cycle and can be even less for highly disruptive technologies.

Projects on which TransTech has contributed to creating / advancing game chnger technologies include:
  • HMP

  • VGER

  • Ballast Free Ship

The above innovations, like all potential "game changers" are characterized by potentially very large market share growth rates, but also face numerous competitors so potential rewards and risks are high. TransTech improves the odds of success by applying engineering rigor to take rational business business decisions. We are pleased to offer our pro forma NDA to innovators and investors developing / seeking "game changer" innovations in the green marine shiping space who wish to explore next steps. Please write for details.