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  "May your choices reflect your hopes,
    not your fears."

                             Nelson Mandela
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This web site has endeavored to establish the essentiality of a country's, company's or community's direct and meaningful participation in its marine shipping requirements, and to inform that resources in the form of expert knowledge, specialist tools, skills, partners and capital here exist to accomplish this objective.

For aspirants to marine shipping, justifacations are as valid today as when espoused at the FIRST MINISTERIAL MEETING OF THE GROUP OF 77: CHARTER OF ALGIERS, October, 1967. No country has reached developed status without significant participation in its maritime trades, just as established maritime nations seek to protect their interests and the status quo. Fixed quotas such as the 40-40-20 Liner Code were never the solution; better approaches are available today and indeed are needed as UNCTAD's dire predictions concerning over-consolidation, insufficient competition and predatory ocean freight rates have become reality.

For countries, companies, communities that no longer meaningfully participate in marine shipping, the way back need not be an Odyssey. For instance, U.S. flag ships once sailed 46 "Essential Foreign Trade Routes", so many the map's legend filled two oceans. The map evolved into a handy reference (LHS), however crucial assistance to the fleet was withdrawn in the 1980s, "Esential" was deleted from the title in the 1990s (RHS) and as the fleet dwindled, the booklet itself disappeared. Finally, Congress created the Maritime Security Program (MSP) to restore some sealift. A merchant fleet's value is muted, multi-faceted, profound economic and strategic power, oft unrecognized until absence proves worth. Every situation differs but as Odysseus proved long ago, the way home can be found.

Whether embarking on a maiden voyage in marine shipping or seeking the way back, your cause is just and noble. TransTech Marine Co. / ShipShares LLC and network partners stand ready to assist your success. Thank you for visiting. May we be first in wishing your endeavour Good Luck and Godspeed!