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Captain's Table is where confidential projects, disruptive technologies and innovative finance models may be shared privately and selectively. Access is by invitation and by agreement to our Terms of Use (below). Please signify agreement and come to the table by keying in the R.S.V.P. code you were provided in the top box, then clicking the "Oui" box. Welcome!

Terms of Use:

TransTech / ShipShares LLC does not provide legal advice, accounting opinions or investment recommendations.

The decision on who or what is presented at Captain's Table is solely at the discretion of TransTech / ShipShares LLC. Appearance on Captain's Table is not automatic endorsement or advocacy by TransTech / ShipShares LLC and must bot be interpreted as such.

Featured technologies, project profiles, business plans, investment opportunities and capitalization methods presented on Captain's Table can entail high risk and hence should be considered solely by individuals and organizations able to absorb complete loss of their investment.

No investment may be made directly through TransTech / ShipShares LLC in any technology, project, venture or entity appearing on this web site. Investment can be made solely through properly executed legal documents provided directly by the presenting entity or its agent(s) or instrumentalities in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Contact details of presenters are provided to facilitate direct communication.

While TransTech / ShipShares LLC has taken great care in the presentation of this web site, no liability can be accepted for any loss incurred in any way whatsoever by any person, organization or entity relying on the information presented on this site. Postings, profiles and other materials appearing on this site are subject to change without notice.