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Merchant Marine History
Marine shipping is more than safe, efficient transport of cargoes; it is vital connectivity for continents, coasts, countries, companies, communities.
Every merchant ship of every type shares the common voyage of improving people's lives. Ships lead development, create wealth and share peace.

TransTech researches and designs marine shipping services to high ESG ratings and socially-driven ROIs. Specialised tools and techniques
are employed to discern and develop the most significant projects. We cover all shipping sectors, technologies and geographies. We also
debut "game-changer" green marine technologies, our own, such as VGER, ERIEMAX and LH2T, and those of others through our Projects Portal.
ShipShares builds investor support communities to capitalize and develop transformative marine shipping projects and disruptive green marine technologies.
Projects of sensitive nature or which require accredited investors are presented at The Captain's Table (below), invitation may be requested here.

TransTech / ShipShares LLC work together to launch marine shipping projects and technologies that make a difference. Click the TransTech logo (below) to learn about Transformation through Transportation & Green Revolutions in the Making, the ShipShares logo to visit project capitalization and development opportunites. Thank you.

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